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SkinCeuticals held so much promise for us, being part of a huge conglomerate with claims of being formulated on science, we thought this brand would be our topchoice. However, they failed to provide evidence backing up their claims and their prices were super high leaving us unable to place this company any higher than in out #5 spot. Read on to discover more.

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Editor's Rating: Average


Great site, super product range, easy to navigate website, SkinCeuticals are a global brand, with clean, modern packaging, and as a company owned by one of the top dogs in the skin care industry (L'Oreal), we were full of hope with this brand. However, as you will well see, they are our #5 choice - how can that be we hear you ask? Well here goes.

Each time we examined the ingredients that they include in their formulas, we were sent on a wild goose chase. When we dug deep in their science section, each link that we selected to 'learn more' or 'download information' or 'read more' sent us to pages that did not help us achieve any of this. We were unable to find any evidence scientific or clinical to support the effectiveness of this skin care brand. This is very frustrating.

Their price tag is super hefty also. We found products that topped $166 for only 30ml. What are these guys selling? Gold dust?

Their website provides some dubious before and after photos which they suggest offer proof of what their products can achieve. We are not big believers in such images and know the wonderful benefits of what photoshop can do for you!

We did however, like the short videos that they provide showing you how to use their products - that is a nice touch.

This brand is definitely one that stands out and we can see the appeal for consumers, but when you know what you are looking for (or not as the case may be), it is clear to see those companies that are transparent with the formulas and those that are not. Skinceuticals falls into the latter.


Their products are made in the USA and they claim are used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas for daily homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures. This is disconcerting to us - why would surgeons use anything that isn't clinically proven or backed by scientific data? This fact is slightly unbelievable. When companies start making such claims, it makes us doubt all their truths so the blur between right and wrong become slightly more pronounced.

Positively, we did find many of their products patented and they have a section of their website that details the skin care ingredients directory and which of their products it is featured in, this is a nice touch.

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This was the most expensive brand that we reviewed. What's more, we were unable to find any special offers that could lower the price which is poor practice.


They appear to have a good customer support team that can be contacted with any concerns. But, we were unable to find a comprehensive guarantee for products. Consider purchasing a $166 face serum, you try it and you are allergic to it or you use it and it does nothing - would you want some kind of recourse? We would! With SkinCeuticals you are stuck with the product and your $166 is wasted. This doesn't seem fair somehow.


Overall, this popular global brand is definitely deserved of our #5 place, with good reason. High prices, no money back guarantee, zero clinical backup and no scientific evidence left us feeling that this brand is all about smoke screens and mirrors. Their name is superb and their clinically clean packaging is, of course, without doubt appealing which could explain why this brand can be found in countries all over the world. But when we pick it apart, we are left feeling crestfallen.

Focusing on a positive, we loved the videos that they include on their site and we found these super helpful when it came to better understanding when and how to apply their products. Their product range is good and we liked that they patented some of their formulas.

Again though, as with most other companies, our main issue is that they do not backup their claims with hard evidence. What's more, they only include a small number or small percentage of active ingredients in their formulas without a guarantee to get your money back if it does nothing for your skin.

In today's consumer driven world, where we are all much more aware of the options out there, we were surprised that this brand is doing so well. Surely, people are checking what they are buying. It would seem not. Pretty packaging and funky websites seem to hold in the shallow world of skin care brands. We urge you to do your homework and check, really check, what you are buying and get the best. After all you deserve the best.

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Alexia Cook

Alexia Cook, Senior Editor

Alexia Cook is a licensed Master Cosmetologist and Esthetician with over 20 years experience. She received her degrees from Boca Beauty Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. Starting at a young age, she has always been interested in treating skin to bring out its true beauty. She knows that the basis of gorgeous skin is adopting a proper skincare routine and using top quality products. Her passion for helping people find effective skincare products led her to the role of Editor for My Beauty Care Center™. In her free time, she is an avid traveler and loves learning the beauty of different cultures.