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June Jacobs is a popular skin care brand in a variety of spas and skin care clinics across the US. We liked the packaging and the product range is very good. They include some good ingredients and we liked that they have patented their unique 20 year old antioxidant blend of ingredients. Again though, these guys fell short when it came to clinical data to back up their claims.

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Editor's Rating: Average


June Jacobs is a familiar name in the beauty and skin care industry with many years of experience which helped her to create a brand of skin care products that offer 'cutting-edge botanical extracts, high quality actives and a 20-year U.S. patented antioxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts to help prevent the visible signs of premature aging'. Sounds great right? However, yet again, this brand fails to deliver with any substantial evidence to back up whether their unique blend actually works. If it has been around for 20 years surely there would be some clinical evidence to support the claims this company make? So, to say we are skeptical is an understatement.

They are definitely on the high end of price with many of their serums touching $140 which is expensive. Again, nice packaging but wow, $140 for a 30ml bottle of hydrating serum is really a lot of money without zero evidence backing up the claim. This is a tiresome practice that many manufacturers employ.

This brand can be found in a range of salons and clinics throughout the US which is great news if you are a regular user so stocking up is super easy.

On a positive note, we found offers for up to 15% off their products and we really liked how they had grouped together 'kits' like Rapid Repair Healing and Intensive Age Defying to help consumers match products that will compliment their skin care regimen easily and without fuss. Oftentimes, we are presented with so much choice that it becomes beyond confusing so June Jacobs made it super easy for consumers to know what to buy.


We found that their formulas are paraben and preservative free which is great news. Most of their products contain the patented blend of antioxidant ingredients with include - Green Tea, Grape Seed, Pomegranate, White Tea, Goji Berry and Red Tea which are said to combat the visible signs of aging. Again, no evidence to show how well these work leaves us feeling slightly let down to say the least.

Most of the products have a long list of inactive ingredients that leave us feeling a little discouraged as whilst they do include orange extract, ginger root, pomegranate, garlic (mmm, not sure about this one!!), they include some questionable ones too such as sodium polyacrylate, sodium hyaluronate and sodium phytate which sound unnatural and unhelpful.

It is so important that we check the ingredients we are putting on our skin because some of them could really do more damage than good. This is why it is so essential to back up any claims with scientific evidence because with so many claims made by the beauty industry, it is our job as a discerning consumer to sift through the evidence we are presented to ensure we make savvy purchases.

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Bottom line is that June Jacobs is definitely one of the most expensive product ranges that we have seen. We appreciate that they offer 15% off many of their products but we still feel that this leaves consumers paying much more than many other products out there. Maybe we are missing something here and their 20-year antioxidant blend is the miracle that we have all been looking for but without the evidence backing it up, we doubt it. We definitely do not appreciate over inflated prices for products that will not get the miracle results that they promise and we feel that this manufacturer is definitely falling into this trap.


We would have expected with high priced products like these that they would offer a great guarantee alongside them - but to no avail. They do not have a good return policy in place and this is disappointing. They do offer 30-days to return their products but consumers must get an authorization number first and give a valid reason as to why they are being returned. This is slightly ambiguous and a little daunting for those who are unhappy with the products or the results you experience because before you get your money back you have to 'convince' them that you are not satisfied. Not for the faint hearted!


Without a doubt, June Jacobs is a high end skin care brand featuring in a number of high end spas across the globe. The founder has many years experience in the industry and claims to know what makes a quality product. We loved their patented blend of antioxidants and appreciate that these guys have taken the time to secure the integrity of their brand and ingredients used within their formula. We also really loved their pretty packaging and fancy logo! On the outside, and so far, looking good.

Where it starts to go downhill for us is with the price because it is steep to say the least, but mainly because there is no scientific evidence, clinical data or studies to back up their claims. None. After 20 years of such amazing patented ingredients surely there would be some such evidence. Big red flag for us. If you are going to charge premium prices, do premium research to offer premium evidence to ensure consumers are going to be happy with what they are purchasing. This is especially true given the fact that they don't even have a consumer friendly money back guarantee. Chances are, once you have bought your $140 facial serum, you are stuck with it whether it suits you or not and whether it works for you or not! Annoying right?

We are not saying a no to these guys but we are giving them our #4 slot because they have some work to do before they are seen in the premier league of skin care brands.

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Alexia Cook

Alexia Cook, Senior Editor

Alexia Cook is a licensed Master Cosmetologist and Esthetician with over 20 years experience. She received her degrees from Boca Beauty Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. Starting at a young age, she has always been interested in treating skin to bring out its true beauty. She knows that the basis of gorgeous skin is adopting a proper skincare routine and using top quality products. Her passion for helping people find effective skincare products led her to the role of Editor for My Beauty Care Center™. In her free time, she is an avid traveler and loves learning the beauty of different cultures.