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Drunk Elephant is a funky skin care brand, with brightly colored bottles, jars and tubes and was one that got our attention from the get go. They offer a lovely selection of products including mini kits which are great to sample the products to discover if they are suitable for you or not. They include some good ingredients but we were left feeling slightly let down by the lack of scientific evidence backing their claims.

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Editor's Rating: Average


Drunk Elephant was a serious contender for ranking high because they really do give you the feeling of being a company that know what they're doing. They offer some great products and we love their 'lifestyle' section that offers fabulous t-shirts, sweatshirts and handbags for sale. However, we all know that the results we expect to achieve won't be borne from anything else other than an effective formula, so we delved deep into what makes up their formulas and quite frankly, we were slightly disappointed. Whilst we found many trademarked ingredients in their formulas, none were patented and none were backed by clinical studies. Shame. It's not that the formulas are bad per se, they could be better by including ingredients that are proven to work.

On a positive note, the packaging is awesome and without a doubt, would look great on your dressing table. The brightly colored bottles, tubes and jars are a rainbow colour of delight.

Their prices are on par with other similar products and we liked the fact that they offer mini sample type packages so that consumers can try the brand before making a larger purchase. Their site is easy to use and they offer a helpful chat function should you have specific questions to ask them - this is always a nice touch.

Like we said, a company who on the outside tick all of the boxes yet we feel, fail to deliver on the proven formulas that are the difference or not for slowing down the signs of aging. Read on for the full lowdown on Drunk Elephant.


Without a doubt, Drunk Elephant use some great ingredients. Most of their products contain ingredients that are trademarked and targeted to achieve whatever the product states it will which gives consumers the perception of it being a great product.

We found though, many ingredients that are grouped loosley under terms such as 'antioxidants' or 'peptides' but without any real explanation about exactly what these ingredients are and what they can do. They also include a huge laundry list of inactive ingredients that form the basis of their creams, gels and lotions. When we examined these we found many ingredients that we didn't really like such as glycols, alcohols and acids which we felt were not conducive to a healthy skin care brand. Ingredients such as Aspartic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, make us wonder if these products really do what they say they do or if they actually could cause harm. Without any clinical data or research evidence to back these ingredients up, we really have no idea.

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Drunk Elephant offer relatively decent prices when compared to other similar products. Some of the serums were on the expensive end however, especially if you select the larger 50ml option with some of the night serums coming in at around $134 which we felt is definitely on the high end of what we consider to be a fair price. We didn't find any offers for buying multiple purchases which can often lower the price down a little but we did like that fact that they offer small sample packages at a decent price so that people can try their products to see if they are suitable for their skin type.


The lack of a confident money back guarantee is what earned Drunk Elephant third place - in short, they don't really have one. As with consumer law, you are able to return items that haven't been used within 30 days of purchase but there is no guarantee if you are unhappy with the results. This is a shame because we would like to have seen some consumer protection if their products don't work. With so many companies out there who offer some kind of guarantee, this is slightly disappointing especially given that they have no clinical evidence backing up their claims of what their products can do for you.


There is no denying the appeal of this brand, their brightly colored packaging and range of lifestyle items is definitely a big pull for many. We too were drawn to this element. However, our role is to bring you our top skin care brands for what their products are going to do for you and not for how they look, so we must put this aspect to one side to enable us to assess the effectiveness of the products and the brand itself.

We loved the range of products that they offer and we appreciate the thought behind their formulas, they seem to make a lot of sense. Where we are left feeling something is missing is the fact they do not substantiate their claims in anyway and offer no clinical evidence about the effectiveness of their products or the kind of results you are likely to experience. We know that talk is cheap so this is very disappointing to say the least.

We were further disappointed by their lack of a protective consumer money back guarantee. Without that, you are not able to buy confidently knowing that these products are nothing more than fancy named ingredients that do not make a lot of difference to the health of your skin or at best, are simply expensive versions of what you can buy from cheaper retailers. We want to see some hard evidence for charging so much money.

We did appreciate the fact that their website is super easy to use and they seem to have a lot of press coverage appearing in a number of beauty magazines. The feedback that we did find from happy consumers seems to suggest that people are happy with this brand. They have only been around a short while so we guess only time will tell if this brand is a keeper.

For visually pleasing benefits, these guys win hands down. For top formulas at great prices they need to work a little harder to make a higher grade as far as we are concerned.

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Alexia Cook

Alexia Cook, Senior Editor

Alexia Cook is a licensed Master Cosmetologist and Esthetician with over 20 years experience. She received her degrees from Boca Beauty Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. Starting at a young age, she has always been interested in treating skin to bring out its true beauty. She knows that the basis of gorgeous skin is adopting a proper skincare routine and using top quality products. Her passion for helping people find effective skincare products led her to the role of Editor for My Beauty Care Center™. In her free time, she is an avid traveler and loves learning the beauty of different cultures.